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Free Key Giveaway For: TopSwap

Enter a realm where the lines between human and machine become indistinct, and the destiny of humanity teeters on the brink, or so it seems. Topswap is an exhilarating first-person shooter that combines the high-octane excitement of traditional shooters with a distinctive twist that will keep you on the edge of your seat. As the final beacon of hope for the world, you must wield the might of machines and transform into the very robots that pose a threat to our existence. Are you prepared to exchange your fate?

TopSwat is available on Steam

Free Subscriber Game Giveaway: Space Frontier (Early Access)

Embark on an expedition across the planet Arcadia. Confront alien creatures, endure challenging environments, and contend with other desperate survivors. Compete for precious resources to transport back to your home planet. Encounter diverse NPCs during your exploration, recruiting them to join your crew. Fulfill quests to obtain rare resources and valuable rewards.

We have 1 early access key to giveaway: Reply with the word 'key please' and we will select one subscriber.

Space Frontier is not yet released on Steam.

The game combines isometric action-shooting with crafting and building, complemented by a compelling narrative to drive the overall experience. While encountering occasional hiccups, the game, for the most part, is nearing completion in its early access phase, delivering a blend of enjoyment and mild addiction. It offers a healthy dose of stop-and-go gameplay, making it easily accessible for both short sessions and extended play.

Upon creating your character, you find yourself on the planet Mytilus, facing the remnants of a former Cygnus Enterprises base. The fate of the previous occupants remains a mystery, and your task is to restore the base, explore Mytilus, and uncover the events that transpired. Gathering materials, battling alien inhabitants, and traversing diverse landscapes are essential to rebuilding the base and piecing together the puzzle of its destruction.

As the game progresses, the storyline reveals itself incrementally, adding depth to the overall experience. Although the story doesn't take center stage in gameplay design, it permeates all aspects, providing motivation for engaging with Cygnus Enterprises' crafting, RPG skills tree, and building features. The synergy between the narrative and gameplay elements creates an addictively entertaining dance.

The game unfolds in three distinct segments. The primary element features isometric action gameplay, where you embark on hunts for evidence, resources, and survival. Armed with weapons and unlimited ammo, this aspect introduces an enjoyable dynamic, alleviating potential monotony. Gathering materials and salvaging parts contribute to crafting useful items back at the base.

The secondary facet involves role-playing game elements, with a backend skills tree progressing through in-game activities. Performing tasks, manufacturing items, and achieving promotions from the company enhance your character's abilities. The depth extends to promoting and upgrading clones, adding purpose to the overall experience.

Bottom Line

One notable critique lies in the initial lack of enemy variety, a hiccup that becomes more apparent early in the game. While the evolving situations and unfolding story mitigate this issue, encountering repetitive enemies at the start is inevitable. Despite the distraction provided by weapon experimentation and upgrades, this remains a noteworthy concern, albeit one that diminishes as the game progresses.

Cygnus Enterprises offers a captivating and engaging experience, skillfully integrating purposeful gameplay elements. Team Miaozi has effectively balanced the various components, promising a game with both immediate appeal and long-term enjoyment. Keep an eye on this title, and consider giving it a try if you seek a fun and enduring gaming experience for the holiday season, with the expectation that it will only grow and improve over time.

Game released on December 19th on all platforms. Currently (as of today) it is $16.24 on Steam.

Free Key Giveaway For VGKami Premium Subscribers: Custom Artwork

Here is a fun one. EddyGames recently released a game call Hippie Skate which is fun and visually exciting skating game.

The essence of this game revolves around mastering the rhythm to conquer the advanced levels. The game mechanics enable you to achieve a significant speed boost by holding the crouch button (down arrow) while descending hills. Moreover, this mechanic facilitates a substantial speed increase when holding crouch (down arrow) while navigating through a series of consecutive small bumps. It's important to note, though, that there's a cooldown on crouching, preventing prolonged use; holding crouch for too long will bring you to a halt.

The game is free to play, so the developer has offer to take his time to turn premium subscribers into a character with some custom artwork.

Free in-game Currency for Premium Subscribers: Guildmaster

Guildmaster immerses players in a medieval fantasy realm where they assume the role of a guild's master. Your objective is to expand your guild, amass resources, and fashion equipment for your guild members, preparing them for their upcoming adventures.

Distinguished from standard idle games, Guildmaster features a variety of engaging mini-games referred to as 'professions.' Mastery of these professions is essential for procuring the resources required by your adventurers. These professions are not only automatable but also upgradeable, boasting unique skill tree systems. Outfit your adventurers with meticulously crafted potions, meals, and gear, then dispatch them on quests or into treacherous dungeons to uncover hidden treasures.

Guildmaster is available on iOS and Android as a free download.

Historically Low Deals Right Now

This section of VGKami tracks historical discounts right now on Steam games and other gaming platforms. These are games that we respect and love. Most importantly, we have never seen them this cheap. We do not use affiliate links, and we have no incentive other than that these are insanely good deals.

Two Point Hospital

Elevate a hospital from its humble beginnings to a masterpiece as you craft the most aesthetically pleasing – or efficiently functional – healthcare facility in all of Two Point County.

Fine-tune your hospital layout to enhance patient (and financial) efficiency, meticulously organizing corridors, rooms, and waiting areas according to your precise specifications. Expand your healthcare domain into multiple buildings, aiming to welcome as many patients as possible.

Strategically position both decorative and practical elements throughout your hospital to elevate its prestige, reduce patient boredom, boost overall happiness, and ensure a steady stream of end-of-year awards.

Available on Steam for $̶29.9̶̶9̶̶ $5.99. View on Steam

AI: The Somnium Files

On a rainy November night, the lifeless body of a woman is discovered within the desolation of an abandoned theme park, hauntingly perched upon a merry-go-round horse. A gruesome scene unfolds as she bears multiple stab wounds, and her left eye has been cruelly gouged out.

Kaname Date from the Metropolitan Police Department arrives promptly. Upon surveying the grim tableau, a chilling revelation strikes him—he knows the victim. As he absorbs the grim details, an unexpected sound emanates from the heart of the merry-go-round.

Driven by urgency, Date breaches the central column of the merry-go-round and unveils a startling sight: a young girl, tightly clutching a blood-stained ice pick in her hands. The sinister mystery deepens.

Available on Steam for $̶39̶.9̶9̶ $7.99. View on Steam


Yearning to construct stunning cities without enduring endless hours of stressful resource management? Look no further! ISLANDERS is tailor-made for you.

ISLANDERS is a sleek strategy game centered around crafting cities on vibrant islands. Embark on an exploration of an infinite array of constantly evolving new lands, expanding your settlements from expansive villages to expansive cities, all while reveling in a tranquil and laid-back atmosphere.

Available on Steam for $̶̶4.9̶9̶ $1.99. View on Steam

Zanki Zero: Last Beginning

In seven days, God crafted the world. Astonishingly, it took merely one day for humanity to bring about its destruction. The life we once knew descended into the abyss of the sea, fading away... until yesterday. The shattered world and the enigmatic remnants left behind remain mysteries to us. An Earth where ruins meander, bearing the weight of collapsed buildings, homes, and lampposts. Cars, traffic lights, asphalt—all vestiges of modern civilization now reduced to debris adrift in the sea. Fresh ruins emerge incessantly before the protagonist, a resident of one of these deteriorating islands.

Available on Steam for $̶̶59̶.9̶̶9̶̶ $11.99. View on Steam

Knock Em All

A fun shooting game in the browser: Play Now

Amigo Pancho 2

Physics puzzle game: Play Now


Daily trivia game similar to Wordle: Play Now

Apple Shooter

The classic time killer: Play Now

Upcoming Game Review - Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy

The adventure game genre has seen a decline in its robustness and prevalence compared to previous years, with most current adventure games being exclusive to the PC. However, a new ray of hope has emerged for this longstanding gaming niche in the form of the Nintendo DS. Thanks to successes like the Phoenix Wright trilogy and recent critically acclaimed releases such as Professor Layton and the Curious Village, adventure gaming has found a new platform to flourish. Capcom continues this handheld tradition adeptly in their latest offering: Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.

If the latter part of the title sounds familiar, it should. Apollo Justice is essentially the new protagonist in what amounts to the fourth installment of the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series. For those unfamiliar with Phoenix Wright, envision an over-the-top, anime-style lawyer who gained popularity in three Japanese-only releases on the Game Boy Advance. These games were subsequently redesigned for the DS and released again in Japan. While the courtroom trilogy debuted in the United States in 2006 and 2007, finding new copies in stores remains quite challenging.

Apollo Justice closely mirrors the gameplay of the Phoenix Wright trilogy, sharing an identical interface and some recurring characters. This resemblance raised concerns about potential redundancy, given Capcom's tendency to overuse its franchises. However, as players progress through the game's four cases, it becomes apparent that Apollo Justice is a unique and captivating experience, despite its similarities to the Phoenix Wright series. Simply put, Apollo Justice stands out as an excellent game.

If you've never played Phoenix Wright, fear not. The gameplay, nearly identical to its inspirational series, is straightforward to grasp. Players assume the role of Apollo Justice, a novice defense attorney tasked with defending seemingly guilty clients. The game consists of two primary modes: Investigation Mode and Courtroom Mode. In Investigation Mode, Apollo (accompanied by his partner Trucy) explores crime scenes, interviews witnesses and suspects, and navigates the mysterious corridors of criminal defense. In Courtroom Mode, both prosecution and defense engage in presenting evidence, examining and cross-examining witnesses, and contending for success in increasingly complex cases.

The charm of Apollo Justice, much like Phoenix Wright, lies in its gameplay. While many adventure games adopt point-and-click mechanics, Justice follows a similar premise. Although the DS's traditional controls can be used, the entire game is playable with a stylus, facilitating menu navigation and making Apollo Justice a comfortable game to pick up and play at any time. The game is not easy in terms of gameplay intricacy and difficulty, but its accessibility makes it an enjoyable experience, akin to reading a captivating novel – a choose-your-own-adventure novel with a myriad of interconnected stories in the most peculiar ways.

Check out Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney on Steam and all other platforms on January 25th.

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